Chapter 23: Wherein Things Change


Star trails over the Australian Outback by photographer Lincoln Harrison


My sister: Do the kids turn into trolls or something?

Me: ………

Me: Yes… Yes, they do… :’| *weeps softly*

-She’s still on either act 1 or act 2-

To make things worse, she said “This is kind of boring.” How are we related? I screamed “Blasphemy!!”

She wants to meet the trolls, but she’s never willing to read the acts preceding it. >.>

I just want you to know that your sister is what is wrong with the world. Though you should in no way see that as a terrible reflection on yourself. 


From the moment we are capable of understanding things like the relative importance of life goals, we are inundated with anti-materialist propaganda. We’re shown things like A Christmas Carol and expected to understand that materialism is a viewpoint that is had by people who just don’t GET it. The truth is, as always, something a little more complex. If you look at it materialism is actually a very sensible thing for a person to believe in modern times. We live in a culture that is, and this is neither a good or bad thing, secular to the point of very nearly being ANTI-spiritual but the implications of THAT are beside the point.

Living in this world where discussions of the soul are considered almost superstitious it’s strange to see us clinging, as a culture, to these anti-materialist ideals.

Materialism is a perfectly valid philosophical standpoint. Not to say that it’s healthy or good for society. But next to things like solipsism or nihlism it’s very hard to say that it’s completely invalid. Materialism is more or less just nihlism for the pragmatic “Nothing matters, except that I have some cool shit.”

Anyway it’s just a thought.